FAQs for Consumers

What is Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc.?

Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc. (NDI) is a contract research organization and consulting firm specializing in product testing, regulatory consulting and clinical trials for the health products industry.  NDI is the creator and exclusive provider of the IZYME Program.

What is the IZYME Program and how does it work?

IZYME is a third party testing and certification program for enzyme supplements.  It is a voluntary program that showcases the quality, activity and safety of enzyme supplements.

Once a company subscribes to IZYME, their products are tested by specific lot/batch using direct analysis.  The testing results can then be published on the IZYME website in the form of a downloadable Product Report.  Product Reports are free for consumers and list all the testing results and star rating for products by lot/batch number.

What does IZYME test for?

IZYME tests products for active ingredient content (e.g., enzyme activity and quantity of other non-enzyme active ingredients), contaminants (e.g., heavy metals) and stability (e.g., microbial).

What is the IZYME certification mark?

The IZYME certification mark is a seal of approval that IZYME certified companies can place on their product labels, company website, social media and marketing materials.

If you see the certification mark on a product label, it means that the product has been tested and certified by IZYME for active ingredient content, contaminants and stability.

What are IZYME Product Reports?

Product Reports contain the company’s contact information, a detailed summary of the product, the IZYME 5-star rating and the testing results for that specific batch/lot number.

Does Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc. or IZYME endorse certain products or brands?

No.  IZYME is completely third party and unbiased.  Companies that choose to subscribe to IZYME are doing so on a voluntary basis and are submitting their products for testing.  As a result, we do not endorse specific products, brands or companies.

I have a health condition and am looking for advice on taking enzyme supplements.  Can you help me?

No.  We are not healthcare practitioners and therefore cannot provide medical advice.  We encourage you to contact your medical doctor or other licenced healthcare practitioner for information about enzyme supplements and your health.

I have a question about a specific product, SKU or batch/lot number.  How can I find out more?

Other than the information provided in Product Reports, we cannot answer questions regarding specific products, SKUs, brands or companies.  Instead, we recommend searching for the company of interest online and contacting them as indicated on their company website.