Clinical Trials Services

Clinical Development

  • Clinical research strategy development (phase I to IV)
  • Protocol development and/or review
  • Scientific and medical advisory panels for peer-review and consultation
  • Identification of appropriate biomarkers to be measured to meet study objectives

Clinical Trials

  • In-house, cutting edge clinical research facilities
  • Access to over 1000 clinical trial subjects from varied demographic groups
  • Proprietary diagnostic methods
  • Management and sourcing of all laboratory testing to ensure a cost-effective study
  • Postprandial studies

Site Management

  • Identification of suitable sites
  • Participant enrollment
  • Management of site operations
  • Data collection

When should you consider a clinical trial?

  • To comply with regulatory requirements
  • To support a product-specific health claim
  • To support a novel health claim
  • To gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • To support expansion into new markets
  • To investigate new areas of nutritional science based on new ingredients, product formulas, new patient outcomes, new dosage levels, new biomarker confirmations, etc.
  • To validate medical devices

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