Early Phase (Phase I and Phase II) Dietary Supplement Trials

Phase I trials require facilities equipped with the latest technology and offering healthy volunteers a safe and comfortable environment.  Our phase I/II facility is strategically located at our corporate headquarters location in Guelph, Ontario a few blocks from the University of Guelph, providing access to volunteers of all ages and demographics.

Cohorts of 10 subjects are easily accommodated, with comfort, in our phase I/II facility.  With a full kitchen in the clinical trial unit, Nutrasource is able to control food preparation, an important consideration when designing bioavailability and pharmacokinetic studies of dietary supplements.  Bioanalytical capabilities of biological samples from early phase studies are available through our laboratory, Diteba.

Our early phase on-site capabilities include:

  • Bioavailability, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics studies;
  • Development of novel methods to accelerate proof of concept;
  • Pilot efficacy studies across multiple indications including cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal health, obesity, cognitive function, etc.;
  • Dose escalation studies; and
  • Trials designed to meet global quality standards and regulatory requirements.

Nutrasource provides our Sponsors with a complete solution to help you pursue the best path forward to proof of concept confirmation for your product.

Looking for more information on early phase dietary supplement trials? Contact a member of our team today or email us directly at info@nutrasource.ca. You may also request a customized quote and we will contact you with details within two business days.