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GRAS Associates - Your Partners in Food Safety

GRAS Associates provides customized food safety regulatory consulting solutions for ingredients and products which may be considered to be Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the U.S. FDA.

Founded by Dr. Robert S. McQuate and Dr. Richard C. Kraska, two seasoned regulatory veterans with over 60 years’ collective experience working for and with the FDA, GRAS Associates specializes in preparing self-determined and FDA-notified GRAS submissions as well as regulatory compliance reviews for dietary supplements and medical foods.

GRAS Associates

"Through our successful delivery of GRAS evaluations and ingredient safety assessments, our clients experience greater marketplace opportunities with innovative and expanded product offering."  - Dr. Robert McQuate, Ph.D.

Why the butterfly?

As a butterfly emerges from its cocoon, it is transformed into something of greater potential and freedom.

At GRAS Associates, we seek to generate added value for our clients so that they too can take flight and achieve greatness.

To learn more about GRAS Associates' custom service offerings for the U.S. food industry, explore our GRAS Services and Other Regulatory Services pages.