Animal Food and Feed

Substances that are added to, or expected to become part of animal feed must be used in accordance with an animal food additive regulation unless it is generally recognized as safe for that use (GRAS). We can help you gain U.S. market access for animal feed. We have a two-part pathway for compliance:

  1. A preliminary assessment of the all ingredients in the formulation and its intended use ( specific species) for their regulator standing as well as a complete review of manufacturing process, environmental assessment and other existing global  regulatory  approval for the product,  if  applicable. A feasibility report on the  possibility of compliance and identification of the any gaps in the required data would be presented to the client with a verbal discussion of the  findings.
  2. If all data gaps are met, we then begin assembly of the dossier. We can also assist with appropriate label claims review.

Our staff has over 80+ years’ combined experience in food safety. Ninety percent of our associates hold a PhD or equivalent certification and our team includes a board-certified toxicologist and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM).