Human Diagnostics

Nutrasource provides human diagnostic tests for consumers and healthcare practitioners to measure disease risk. Diagnostic tests are medical tests that help individuals measure their risk for certain diseases or health conditions.

Some diagnostic tests can be used by patients in the comfort of their own home, whereas others may require that a healthcare practitioner administer the test.

Nutrasource has been providing novel diagnostic tests for consumers and healthcare practitioners since 2002.

Our Affiliations

As part of our ongoing mission to maintain our position as a diagnostic leader, we continue to work with the following key companies who are well established in this area.

Life Labs Bescot

Diagnostic Testing Capabilities

To help serve your patient or self healthcare needs, we have access to all standard human diagnostic tests.  We also have an expansive network of connections in laboratory medicine to source novel requests.

These minimally-invasive tests can be used by healthcare practitioners or researchers as indicators of disease progression.  Use them to support your research strategies or the development and monitoring of effective prevention and treatment strategies in the clinic.

Below is an abbreviated list of our test offerings:

Our diagnostic testing services are available globally to suit your needs.  We can provide raw data or customized reports tailored to client requirements.

For more information about our diagnostic offerings, please contact us today.