Enzyme Supplement Facts

Health benefits

Enzymes are naturally occurring biological proteins that help to speed up, or catalyze, chemical reactions in the body.  Enzymes are involved in a wide variety of reactions throughout the body including food breakdown.

Research has shown dietary supplementation with enzymes can improve digestive health and also help people who are deficient in certain enzymes, such as those suffering from lactose intolerance (a deficiency of the digestive enzyme lactase).  Enzyme supplementation has been shown to be especially useful in the elderly population.

The ultimate goal of enzyme supplementation is to provide the body with quality enzymes that aid the body’s natural enzymatic processes.

Quality concerns

Product safety, purity and quality are more important to consumers than ever.  Not all natural health products are created equal, and when a supplement is not manufactured to high standards there can be issues with product quality.

While it is important for the quality and potency of all types of supplements to be maintained to the highest standards, enzyme products may be even more prone to quality problems than other types of supplements.  Enzymes are different than other supplements because their effectiveness is measured as enzyme activity rather than by weight.  Therefore, assurance that enzymes are as active as the label states is crucial for consumer transparency.