FAQs for Industry

The IZYME Program is the only third party testing and certification program exclusively for enzyme supplements.  As a voluntary, subscription-based service, IZYME tests products by lot using direct analysis, allowing companies to showcase their high quality, premium products.

Have a question about IZYME?  We’ve gathered some of the most common inquiries from industry to help you better understand how the program works.

What is Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc.?

Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc. (NDI) is a contract research organization and consulting firm specializing in product testing, regulatory consulting and clinical trials for the health products industry.  NDI is the creator and exclusive provider of the IZYME Program.

What are the benefits of getting IZYME certified?

Companies that get IZYME certified and use the certification mark on their label stand out in the marketplace as being of higher purity, stability and quality than competing products.  The IZYME certification lets consumers know that a brand is committed to transparency and is taking active steps to ensure product quality.

How much does it cost for a company to get IZYME certified?

Companies are required to pay for the annual subscription package, the analytical testing and each Product Report.  As pricing may vary on a case-by-case basis, it is recommended that you contact the IZYME team to discuss your product and to provide you with an accurate quote.

Does IZYME endorse certain products or brands?

No.  IZYME is completely third party and unbiased.  Companies that choose to subscribe to IZYME are doing so on a voluntary basis and are paying subscription and testing fees.

Can my company test through IZYME without buying a subscription?

No.  Each company is required to pay for an annual subscription.

However, if your company is already subscribed to one of our other international certification programs, such as the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) Program, clients do not need to pay another subscription fee.  For more information about subscriptions and costing, please submit a quote request and we will contact you within two business days.

What are IZYME Product Reports?

IZYME Product Reports are comprehensive documents that list all of the testing results for each product by batch/lot number, allowing consumers to read and interpret the testing results and compare products before buying them.  Unlike Certificates of Analysis, Product Reports are free for consumers to download from the IZYME website.

What is the IZYME certification mark and how can my company use it?

The IZYME certification mark is a seal of approval that IZYME subscribers can use on their product labels, in marketing and online.  Companies use the mark to prove that their product has been tested and certified by the IZYME Program.

How can I use IZYME in my company’s marketing?

Placing the certification mark on product labels, on websites and in marketing materials demonstrates your company’s commitment to quality and showcases the purity, potency and stability of your products.

In addition, publishing Product Reports and hyperlinking to the Product Reports page of the IZYME website further demonstrates that your product is of premium quality.

If my product has been tested and has passed all the IZYME testing categories, but I am not paying for an IZYME subscription, can I say that my product is IZYME certified?

No.  The IZYME Program is a registered trademark of NDI.  Any declarations such as “tested to the IZYME standards,” “IZYME 5-star” or related statements are not permitted unless a Terms of Use Agreement has been signed.  In addition, companies must pay for an annual subscription package in order to make claims about the IZYME Program.

What other services does NDI provide?

NDI provides testing services for all types of consumer health products including dietary supplements, natural health products, foods, beverages, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals.  In addition, we offer clinical trials services and regulatory and R&D consulting.  Contact info@nutrasource.ca or visit www.nutrasource.ca for more information.