True Anisidine Value (TAV) Test

The True Anisidine Value (TAV) test, a proprietary analytical method developed by Nutrasource scientists, solves a common issue faced by the omega-3 industry: false-positive rancidity readings in coloured and flavoured marine oils.

Traditionally, omega-3 manufacturers have relied on peroxide value (PV) and p-anisidine value (AV) to measure rancidity. AV testing is limited in application as the addition of flavours, colours, preservatives or vitamins in the oil itself can alter the measurement of aldehydes, giving a false indication of rancidity/spoiling.

Based on HPLC analysis, the TAV test was developed to properly distinguish lipid oxidation from other factors that interfere with this measurement in finished omega-3 formulas. The TAV test provides methodological sensitivity, robustness and accuracy to quantify the oxidative status of marine omega oil products.

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