Product Classification

Whether you are launching a product in only a single country, or planning to launch in multiple countries, understanding how a product will be classified is the single most important step in planning a product launch.

How a product will be classified by regulators changes depending on the status of the evolving regulatory landscape. Classification is usually based on several aspects of the product including the ingredients, claims and product format. 

Our staff, experienced in foods, dietary supplements/natural health products, medical foods and drugs, work closely with the regulators as well as industry trade associations to stay abreast of the ever-changing regulatory landscape. This provides our clients with the ability to strategically launch products in one or more jurisdictions while ensuring compliance with regulations.  We obtain classifications on your behalf in consultation with our key contacts within Health Canada and the FDA.

For products to be launched in the United States, we will review your product's information and classify it as a dietary supplement, food, medical food, food for special dietary use, cosmetic, OTC drug, medical device or drug. For products to be launched in Canada, we will provide you with classification of the product as a food, natural health product, cosmetic, OTC drug, medical device or drug.

As classification can impact the road map to product launch, and different classifications have advantages and disadvantages associated with them, being informed and understanding the impact of classification is key to the success of your product. This is something we at Nutrasource offer as part of our product development services.  Investing in understanding market placement and the road map to achieving this can potentially reduce overall costs and increase product success.

Looking for more information on product classification? Contact a member of our team today or email us directly at You may also request a customized quote and we will contact you with details within two business days.